Alma powder, also known as Indian Gooseberry powder, is an ancient Ayurvedic herb known for its many fantastic healing properties. Using  alma as a mask can give your skin a glossy finish! This is because it aids in anti-ageing, and helps treat and prevents other skin diseases. Consumption of the alma powder is also good for the health and helps boost the immune system.


Amla powder is high vitamin C, which means it beneficial for boosting collagen production. This will aid in improving skin firmness, softness and youthfulness. Its also beneficial for the treatment of hyper or hypo pigmentation and evening out the skin tone. Amla powder helps prevent and fight dandruff, it conditions the hair and prevents premature greying.


Directions for Use:


Amla Powder (Organic)

  • Conditions the hair

    Aids in the treatment of dandruffHigh in Vitamin C

    Anti ageing ( boosts collagen production)

    Beneficial for the treament of Acne and hyperpigmentation

    Promotes hair growth

    High in anti oxidant

    revents premature ageing