Aromatically, Clove Bud Essential Oil possesses a strong, warm, spicy aroma that blends well with other spicy essential oils like Cinnamon Bark. It also blends well with essential oils in the citrus, wood and floral families. It's a strong oil, so when first learning to blend with it, try using it sparingly in blends.


Directions for use

Diffusion: Add a few drops of Clove Bud Essential Oil to an ultrasonic diffuser or diffuser bracelet 

You can also create a blend with one or more EOs of Ylang Ylang Complete, Red Mandarin, Rosemary, Palo Santo, or Rosewood to incorporate other benefits you may require, make a stronger blend or just to layer different scent notes and create a rounder or preferred aroma.


Topical: To use topically for its healing benefits, add 2-5 drops of Clove Bud Essential Oil to a tablespoon/15ml of base oil or shea butter and apply 2-3 times daily or as needed to affected area.


Add 10 drops to 50ml of a light easy absorbent oil for a relaxing, soothing massage.


For an even stronger blend add one or more EOs e.g., Oregano, Rosemary, Black Pepper, Cedarwood, Hyssop or Peppermint without exceeding the 5 drops of EO for topical use or 10 drops per 50ml maximums for a massage oil.


Skincare: Clove Bud Essential Oil is suitable for most skin types and recommended for oilier, acne prone skin but not for hypersensitive skin.

Directions: Create a moisturizer with Clove Bud EO diluted at a rate not exceeding 3 drops (1 drop or avoid in general if you have hyper sensitive skin) when using alone or 6 in total when adding other EOs e.g. Lavender Kashmir, Sandalwood, Roman Chamomile, Citriodora Eucalyptus or Manuka as well in a blend per 30ml of a complementary Carrier oil e.g. Blackberry Seed, Goji Berry, Blackcurrant Seed Oil, an existing serum, lotion or any other preferred base before applying on the skin.


Hair Care: Add to a shampoo, conditioner, hair oil, cream or as part of a hot oil treatment and massage into hair to condition, wrap a towel on hair and leave for 20mins, then rinse off.


Clove Bud Essential Oil

    • As an antimicrobial, to help kill bacteria.
    • As a pain reliever for conditions such as toothache and muscle pain.
    • For digestive upset.
    • To relieve respiratory conditions like cough and asthma.