Organic Life Plus Coffee bean oil is cold-pressed from the coffee beans, with a beautiful coffee scent. Coffee oil is filled with three times the antioxidants of green tea and it's four times more potent than vitamin c. Its beneficial for reducing dark circles and eye puffiness.


Due to its high linoleic acid content and ability to reduce transepidermal water loss, coffee bean oil is beneficial for reducing inflammation & acne, balancing oil production and helping strengthen the barrier of the skin.


Our coffee bean oil can be used directly on the skin as an intense night treatment for aged skin; it helps control fine lines, fades wrinkles, and firms the skin. It’s also beneficial in the prevention of cellulite and it helps reduce the appearance of cellulite and swollen skin.


Our coffee bean oil also boosts hair growth by stimulating circulation, and penetrating your hair shaft, delivering strength to your hair and in turn eliminating breakage and shedding.


Directions for use

  • Apply to cleansed face and neck. Can be used day and night.
  • Massage into scalp to stimulate hair growth.


Recipe Ideas:


Acne : Combine 3-6 drops of Mysore sandalwood essential oil with 30ml of coffee oil, this combination will aid in the reduction of inflammation, fade scars, balance oil production and promote youthful glowing skin. 


Anti- ageing : Combine 6 drops of helichrysum essential oil with 30ml coffee oil. This combination will be packed with antioxidants and collagen elastin building agents to help fight signs of ageing such as wrinkles and fineliness.  This will also aid skin tightening, firmness and brightness. 



Coffee Bean oil

  • Skincare

    • Night treatment for aged skin.
    • Helps control oil production and reduce acne.
    • Helps reduces dark circles, puffy eyes and fluid buildup around the eyes.
    • Controls wrinkles, fine lines and help firm up the skin
    • Prevents cellulite.
    • Reduces the appearance of cellulite and swollen skin.
    • Anti-inflammatory properties aids in the control of skin disorders like sores, itchiness, scaling, eczema, dead cell buildup and treats sunburns.
    • Aids in sun protection


    • Boosts hair growth.
    • Increases growth of hair follicles.
    • Excellent scalp massage oil.

    Cultivation: Natural

    Extraction: Cold-Pressed, Unrefined, Virgin

    Linoleic Acid: 45.2%

    Oleic Acid: 8.9%

    Comedogenic rating: 2

    Origin Country: Kenya

    Size: 30ml, 50ml 

    Consistency: Light weight 

    Product colour:  Yellow- Brownish yellow 

    Aroma: Coffee smell 

    Shelf life: 2 years