Indian Frankincense Essential Oil aka Olibanum with its fresh lemon, balsamic and pine aroma is deemed to be the richest, most stunning in scent and potency.


It is extracted via steam distillation from the hardened milky white resin  obtained by creating small incisions in the bark of the aromatic Boswellia serrata tree which grows wild in dry, mountain regions of India, Africa and the Middle East. Traditionally, before extraction the resin which is also called the tree’s “tears” because it is used to heal emotional wounds is then separated into grades and stored in caves before distillation.


Frankincense is one of the most widely known and used essential oils due to its numerous benefits and history in various cultures over millennia for protection to expel negative energies from sacred spaces.


It is also used to help enhance spirituality during prayer or meditation, and is specially revered for its amazing uplifting and clarifying effect on the body and mind to help encourage healthy moods.


Boswellia serrata is adored for its sanctifying scent and is the oldest documented of all the Boswellia spp. aka Frankincense. It is believed to be the species mentioned in the Bible 22 and considered so valuable it was one of the 3 sacred gifts of the Magi to the Baby Jesus Christ along with Myrrh and Gold.


In India, it is widely used in Ayurveda for its therapeutic benefits and spiritually it offers  a direct ancestral connection with the sacred saps of Ancient India. 


It can be used interchangeably or with other species of Frankincense Essential Oils, as they are similar in therapeutic benefits.


Directions to use

Diffusion: Add a few drops of Indian Frankincense Essential Oil to an ultrasonic diffuser or diffuser bracelet.

You can also create a blend with one or more EOs of Hyssop, Cypress, Cinnamon Bark, Myrrh, or Palo Santo to incorporate other benefits you may require, make a stronger blend or just to layer different scent notes and create a rounder or preferred aroma.


Topical: To use topically for its healing benefits, add 2-5 drops of Indian Frankincense Essential Oil to a tablespoon/15ml of base oil or shea butter and apply 2-3 times daily or as needed to the affected area.

Add 10 drops to 50ml of a light easy absorbent oil for a relaxing, soothing massage.


For an even stronger blend add one or more EOs e.g., Oregano, Ginger, Balsam Gurjun, Ginger Lilly or Frankincense without exceeding the 5 drops of EO for topical use or 10 drops per 50ml maximums for a massage oil


Skincare: Indian Frankincense Essential Oil is suitable for all skin types. 


Directions: Create a moisturizer with Indian Frankincense EO diluted at a rate not exceeding 6 drops when using alone or in total when adding other EOs e.g. Roman Chamomile, Rose Geranium, Wild Carrot Seed, Myrrh or Tulsi as well in a blend per 30ml of a complementary Carrier oil e.g. Kiwi Seed, Blackcurrant Seed, Barbary Fig Oil, an existing serum, lotion or any other preferred base before applying on the skin. 


Hair Care: Add to a shampoo/conditioner, hair oil/cream or as part of a hot oil treatment and massage into hair to condition (wrap a towel on hair and leave for 20mins, then rinse off.  


Indian Frankincense Essential Oil

  • Health care

    • Antirheumatic
    • Anti arthritic
    • Anti inflammatory
    • Colds and respiratory disorders
    • Anti anxiety & Stress reducing
    • Meditation
    • Relaxant and Sedative
    • Aromatherapy
    • Helps treat dysmenorrhea
    • Analgesic i.e. Pain relief
    • Anti spasmodic i.e. Helps ease spasms and muscle, menstrual cramps etc.
    • Decongestant
    • Expectorant
    • Anti microbia
    • Anti viral

    Skin care

    • Astringent
    • Anti aging
    • Anti wrinkle
    • Anti acne and pimple treatment
    • Scar fading
    • Cicatrisant i.e. Aids healing of cuts, scrapes and wounds
    • Vulnerary i.e. Protects wounds from infections
    • Fades stretch marks
    • Skin tonic for all skin types
    • Helps balance oily skin
    • Anti fungal