Organiclifeplus manketti oil or mongongo oil is derived from the fruit of manketti tree ( which can thrive under extreme conditions). According to experts this oil is highly nutritious. It contains vitamins like zinc, copper, vitamin E and calcium.


Manketti oil is high in lineolic acid, its linoelic acid content is 38-46.4% which means its a fairy light weight anti-inflammatory oil suitable for oily and combination skin, however, its especially beneficial for dry and normal skin types. It is useful in combating acne, redness and eczema. The most unique aspect of this oil is the fact that it contains about 26% alpha- Eleostearic acid, which acts as a natural sun protectant.


Manketti oil is also a wonderful hair oil, the high fat and protein content makes it great for treating dry, frizzy, split hair. It gives the hair a healthy shine and silkiness whilst protecting it from the sun . It helps to control dandruff, and reduce itchy scalp.



Directions for use


On the skin.

  • Apply to clean face and neck, can be used day and night.


On the hair
• After washing, mix the oil well with a little water and apply on wet hair, massaging for 3-4 minutes before rinsing.

• After drying, apply some drops on the entire length of the hair. The oil must first be heated by rubbing it on the palms (on curly and frizzy hair)

• During the night as a moisturizing mask (on damaged hair)

Manketti Oil

    • Beneficial for treating acne, and eczema
    • Anti-aging, useful for smoothing wrinkles and finelines
    • Natural sun protection properties ( high in alpha-eleostearic acid, which means it naturally absorbs UV-radiation)
    • Anti inflammatory, antioxidant , high vitamin E and nutrient dense.
    • Protects the skin from free radical and environmental damage
    • Great lip balm
    • Gives the skin a youthful healthy glow
    • Enhances the hair shine and elasticity
    • Reduces hair frizz
    • Helps control dandruff
    • Relieves dry itchy scalp
    • Aids in treating hair loss

    Cultivation: Natural


    Extraction: Cold-Pressed, Unrefined, Virgin


    Linoleic Acid: 35-39%


    Oleic Acid: 16 - 19%


    Comedogenic rating: 2


    Origin Country: South Africa


    Size:  30ml, 50ml


    Consistency: Medium


    Product colour: Pale Yellow


    Aroma: Mild nutty


    Shelf life: 2 years