Neroli is a very beneficial essential oil to use both within skin care and for emotional needs. Its uses include helping to ease feelngs of depression and sadness, combating grief, supporting peace and encouraging happiness.


Directions for use

Neroli oil is typically used in aromatherapy, and by applying it directly to the skin. You can use it by itself, or combine it with other essential oils in a diffuser, or spritzer. You can also pour a small amount of oil into your bath, or into a facial steamer to inhale.


Neroli Essential Oil

    • Neroli oil is non toxic and perfectly safe for sensitive skin. It moisturizes dry skin and helps reduce the appearance of scarring as well as marks.
    • Neroli can be blended and used with other essential oils which make it an amazing product for beauty products.
    • It can relieve occasional itchiness and skin irritation such as psoriasis or eczema which can be hard to relieve.
    • Neroli oil keeps your skin health intact and gives you soft, baby skin after regular use.
    • Neroli properties are: rejuvenating, regenerating, antibacterial, anti inflammatory and antiseptic, and is ideal for acne and oily skin as well as dry skin.