More than 50% pure unrefined fair trade sheabutter, community traded papaya oil with fresh papaya and organic juice mixed into a creamy unscented bar of papaya soap for clearer skin. Use as a facial soap. Ideal for all skin type.  However, its especially beneficial for oily/combination sensitive acne prone skin.


SHEABUTTER: (sh buht-er) ~ A luxurious butter extracted from the karité tree native to Africa.  The butter is used in Ghana to massage new born babies.  We purchase our sheabutter directly from a co-op of women in Ghana who use traditional methods to process without the use of chemicals.


PAPAYA: ~ Also known as pawpaw, papaya is a fruit which contains natural AHA (Alpha hydroxy acids) for a clearer skin.


Directions for use

Use daily on face and body. Work into a generous lather with warm water. Rinse well.


Papaya Soap


    • Fading acne scars
    • Removal and prevention of acne
    • Evening the skin tone
    • Aids in the treatment of hyperpigmention or hypo pigmentation.
    • Useful for treating sunburns